Our heritage and client base

Established in 1985, Shapecraft's ability in sheet metal fabrication is well respected by customers across a wide range of industries. From 2 & 4 wheeled O.E.M's, to the local bee keeping business, we pride ourselves on fulfilling client expectations. 

We can produce from drawings & samples, so let our expertise add value to your concepts. 

Our love for what we do really is very infectious!


Craftsmanship with technology

Our ability to shape metal is, as our name suggests, at the very heart of our business. From English Wheeling to our amazing low to medium volume Dual Form press, we can realise customer shape work objectives, efficiently, economically...& with style!

Shapecraft's Dual Form press can make prototype & low volume press work an economic reality. How? By forming it's own male & female press tools. It really is a great deal less expensive than normal press tooling, so why not drop by for a chat & a look at just how this amazing press operates?


Why Shapecraft?

In a word, versatility! We can fabricate everything from humble brackets and folded panels, to complicated prototype press & shape work. 

Our ability to draw those attributes together with tube manipulation, welding expertise & machining work, make us economic & effective project managers. This is a role we fulfill for O.E.M's & vehicle homologation services alike. We also project manage for the shop fitting & construction sectors. So why not let us take the strain of realising your objectives, while you add value to your bottom line with the time we release? It's all part of the service!

Shrinking & Stretching


Dualform Press


Metal finishing